Wil Myers’ homer helps Padres clinch a playoff spot | Padres-Mariners Game Highlights 9/20/20

Wil Myers’ homer helps Padres clinch a playoff spot | Padres-Mariners Game Highlights 9/20/20

Wil Myers’ homer helps Padres clinch a playoff spot | Padres-Mariners Game Highlights 9/20/20 justin dunn is on the mound today for the seattle mariners and the 24 year old right-hander makes his ninth start justin dunn he, had a 7.80 era through his first four starts of the season but don recently 2-0 with a 1-3-5 his last four starts he does have command issues 25 walks you see. It right there in 35 innings they've got to be patient at the plate one out and here is, fernando tatis jr breaking ball swinging a fly ball into deep center, field lewis going back reaches up on the run and he makes the catch holy smokes what a grab by kyle lewis, on the run sprinting back to the wall in center field he hit the warning track he had to, take a flying leap on the run to haul it in what a catch by kyle lewis that young man covers a lot of, ground in a hurry paul making his 11th start 28 year. Old to nelson lumet sliders and strikeouts that's been the theme this season you see the 3-1 record opponent's only hitting 171. he does have that wipeout slider two outs in the first kyle lewis, in scoring position at second base here for the m's 2-2 ground ball right side kronerworth two is. Left that wild pitch meant nothing pounding.

His glove man with his uh pitching hand the nelson lynette now two men in scoring position for hospital and hosmer deliver as he stands in old for, one in this game swaying and a miss struck him out dunn, turns around and flexes there as well he should gets out of a big spot stranded and again another runner in scoring position with two down breaking ball swing and a miss for strike three justin, dunn with his third. Strike out of the afternoon and he gets cronenworth with an excellent curveball and that's it for the padres so two down kyle seeger here's seeger and a check swing. Roller to the left side fernando the only guy there it. Went right to him how about dueling no-no's on this september 20th to the fifth no score grisham has walked and he's also grounded out to moore in the dirt but a swing and, a miss by grisham for strike three what a pitch by, dunn what an afternoon in san diego for justin dunn two down seven in a row retired by lumet swinging, a ground ball through the left side for a base hit so there's the first base hit of the afternoon evan white a hard-hit ground ball right in. Between machado and tatis through the left side of the infield, and the mariners have the first hit of the game and it comes here in the bottom of the fifth inning with, two outs tim lopes right here eight hitter right-handed batter swinging a ground ball down the third base line a fair ball.

All the way in toward the corner white rounded second heading for third up of the ball is pro far.

In the corner and white falls down now he picks himself up heads home.

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