Region 7C Amateur Baseball – 2020 Playoff Preview

Region 7C Amateur Baseball – 2020 Playoff Preview

Region 7C Amateur Baseball – 2020 Playoff Preview here this is your host dan i'm going to be covering the region 7c baseball playoffs preview this episode and once again the crow river valley amateur baseball league has finished the regular season finished the first, round of the playoffs and now we're down, to eight teams left the brackets have been announced i'm going to be going over them today on the show but, first let's go through the top hitters batting title was claimed this year just announced yesterday jay brezhnahan j brizenhan uh, leading things off for carver batting 462 won the 2020 batting title and we get uh kahlenburg's second nickels krabi and, rant rounding off the top five so keep these in mind when we go through the playoff scenarios with the seedings. Speaking of the seedings here we are final eight teams after this weekend believe there'll only be four four will go on, to the state to play in the state tournament number one laconia number two winstead watertown young america cologne green isle mayor and carver these are the records, in the conference the conference records and the first toronto playoffs only these records do not show all the all the.

Games played as many have scheduled.

Non-conference games and whatnot even some tune-up games for the playoffs so what we'll have is the, seedings here teams one will play eight two we'll play seed seven three will place six and four against five this should be very good good matchups once again crow river valley league is arguably the. Best league in all. Of class c in the state of minnesota so the teams that come out of here the entire conference is pretty stacked teams that come out of here will be pretty, good favorites in the state tournament and none of them will be weak weaker teams in the, state now speaking of state here's current rankings last time, the rankings came out for class c top 10 teams came out here three are listed here from the crow river valley waconia is ranked fourth in the state receiving 29 votes young america type for fifth and, then seventh place is cologne with nine. Votes so we've got three of the best teams in the state here coming from this conference will be playing in this section region 7 c now, what i'm going to do here is go through each of the games this weekend and so let's start off with we.

Have a game on thursday here actually i'm recording this is august 5th which is a thursday which is a wednesday tomorrow's the, first games thursdays games that kick off number eight carver 79 overall uh at number one waconia 13 and four welcomia played a. Couple of games, this week to get prepped they had that they had some time off in between the well the rest of the crow, ripper valley was playing at best of three series they had an automatic buy they played dazzle got beat nine to one. They played hutchinson hutchinson they got beat i think four to two and hutchins is currently ranked i think second in this entire state so they had, a couple tune-up matches but it does reflect there in their 13 or four record uh of noting they did have. A win against chaska who's class b and they also have a loss against class c champlin a class b champion so here's. Who got the first game thursday night in waconia previous meeting will. Coney won 5-2 in carver back on july 11th we'll get to see some interesting players here in this matchup uh the 2017 carver league carver crowe, river valley league batting champion kyle dalton for carver won the title in 2017 and. We'll see the current title jay bresnahan carver just announced. Yesterday the 2020 batting title in the crow river valley we'll see him play also last year the pitcher of. The year in the entire league was adam webber also out of carver so even though carver's the number eight seed here they've got some.

Athletes they've got some talent carver keep in mind qualified for the state tournament the past three seasons now this year that looks like a stretch a lot of competition here and, they're going to start off against waconia this is a double, elimination attorney the top four advance the bottom four are done for the year uh. Cover is a long shot to say the least to do anything here in this tournament waconia remember they went 23-3 last year but were disqualified from the post season.

Due to an illegal roster um they never got a chance to perform in any playoff scenario last year so they are, going to have a bone to pick and they're going to be a tough number one seed, here coming out of this class. C some go so far as to to to say that will coney actually should be playing in class b there they are that good but let's see how this all wraps up laconia the 2019 team. Mvp was ronnie olson.

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