PTI reacts to Major League Baseball’s plan to expand the playoffs to 16 teams in 2020

PTI reacts to Major League Baseball’s plan to expand the playoffs to 16 teams in 2020

PTI reacts to Major League Baseball’s plan to expand the playoffs to 16 teams in 2020 but we begin today with the actual start of this very weird baseball season and how long it goes is anybody's guess but it starts tonight with the yankees at the world champion. Washington nationals who are impacted because their star outfielder juan soto tested positive for coronavirus in.

A test conducted two days ago wilbon what does this news mean for.

The gnats and for baseball at large well tony you know i'm not picking the nets now i mean i, i was looking for some reason to say okay nationals repeat but all i've heard from you for a year now is desoto is the, best player on the nationals maybe not a year because he wasn't last year i get that but he is now you've been telling me that this offseason okay so if i, don't know what his status is, and it's a shortened season dramatically shorter like 37 you know of the games i i can't pick the nationals i mean i'm looking at i i i every year.

I get frustrated and tired of people, picking the dodgers and the dodgers don't come through and so i wind up making fun of the dodgers you know even though i know and love the owners of the dodgers i'm not going, to make fun of. The dodgers i'm going to pick the dodgers too i just i like the aggression you know in which they said we're we're in this to.

Win it every year we're gonna try our damnedest every single time out i, love that from the dodgers i'm picking them to win and sorry because i know that that means the nationals wouldn't even get to the world series if that's the case let me go back, to juan soda for a second he is their best everyday player anthony rendon was anthony rendon left to go to the angels he's their, best everyday player he played on monday night he played on tuesday. Night he got the result of a positive test after he, had played on tuesday this means that every nationals player is at risk every single one because they were around him okay now i know there are protocols.

In place but when i first heard this news i thought well maybe baseball would, postpone the game then aaron boone the manager of the yankees and i thought that because you now put the yankees at risk because you don't. Know who's got it on the gnats but aaron boone said we, are ready to go so clearly there are protocols clearly there are rules i'm a little bit surprised by it and mike this, is this is the important thing they're not in a bubble in baseball this is, what we're going to face probably at least once a week and maybe more than that and i was so optimistic about baseball and again mike it comes back to the virus everything we've done for months, on this show comes back to the virus tony the nhl, and nba are in a bubble and while you think the bubble has a better chance of working you don't know because people can get out of the bubble, not just in theory but practically speaking they could and come back, and bring the virus back and you've got that even with a bubble without a bubble baseball and football as recently as oh yesterday i. Kept saying and i know it's a broken record. And people are tired of it i'm tired of saying it we don't know this is a now a.

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