NHL: Mic’d Up 2020 Playoffs Part 4

NHL: Mic’d Up 2020 Playoffs Part 4

NHL: Mic’d Up 2020 Playoffs Part 4 they need to say anything you just gotta swear a couple times and they can't use it all right man let's go to battle game i told you two months ago we're on the big game okay boys on the ice, there let's roll boys here we go here let's go hey max what's up welcome to.

Everything yeah thank you thank, you a little change of scenery tour of the bubble i had it i had it on that boy hang tight here okay.

Let it go let him go there's a little bit of nastiness today he likes it rather be awesome i love it, i'm swearing i'm on the mic i don't swear okay here you missed a couple down and it's a couple yeah ten minutes and i've already missed it. That's okay i've had a couple. Bad easy guys hey nothing stupid here take it take it inside let's go so sick i can do that that's cool don't but you, can't jam him he pushes him we're all good overtime we got a chance here you.

Get the scoring chance i can't let that run sorry about that new york penalty number seven two minutes holding wear them down wear them down you gotta tick those fellas we gotta ticket, the line we need to keep a net front those shots are coming take his eyes away. Hey go hey go help it helmet helmet that's why i, yell you know battle that's it battle battle it's always nice when they just turn and skate right to the box yeah let's go let's go get out of, here hey johnson got a 10 minute misconduct the other two got mine is easy okay, we'll protect you all night but just watch when the guy's going on the back door there that stick.

Doesn't get stuck out i don't know if you even knew you did it yeah about four minutes ago a guy going wide, and the stick bought him up high so just be careful we're disjoining because we're not working hard enough to support the puck it's got to go 200, feet it can't be any easier than that step up stay on the, flight stand afraid boys boys we're losing battles that's marzella and everly there come on fellas get out bars right away right away. Right away give him some [ __ ], time come on boys come on boys hope your life here this opportunity let's get into our game we got to get a little more. Fight in our game oh i like that i like that i like that let's go boys wes have a good. One stay here for me boys please thank you all right here. We go i don't wanna babysit all night finish our checks hard we're not doing this well we can argue all day long but hey max he has a good enough scoring opportunity that's not a, funny shot though don't roll around stay in the fight three guys. In the fight here three guys in the fight here let's go oh. Hey hey go left my path over watch it get our lines going again here how are we not first on, that i think marzell plays good d there he just has a stick out there they're asking for hooks like where are, we gonna call a hook when he sticks on the ice let him go let him go these two going for now that's how you play fast. Boys that's it boys good job great job boys good job yeah but i think you duck and then he catches it with, his arm it's still a little late i got a treat i don't think he even really hit you that hard ryan, doesn't didn't know we were that fast i didn't know what that'd do now we're playing here and now. We're playing here hey hey hey, hey over there four on four that's the warning next time we're taking one guy that's not even close to holding i thought you said you didn't want to waste your breath on me oh you got, more okay mine keep it down okay i know what you're going to say i know you're, not but you want to.

Know why hey i need an explanation i'm entitled to an exclamation i don't know why they're yelling so much j.t no jt you guys that's when i, had dyslexia i was calling you tj oh you got it tj that's my mo man jt what the oh my god the only.

Reason you think it's a little bit late is because you did flip it in the, head because he's trying to duck yeah yeah he's okay with it he's just asking actually yeah okay man.

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