MLB Playoffs Predictions Part 2 (September 21, 2020)

MLB Playoffs Predictions Part 2 (September 21, 2020)

MLB Playoffs Predictions Part 2 (September 21, 2020) what is going on everyone this eric coming at you from just outside of hartford connecticut today is going to be part two of our mlb playoff prediction series and as you can see we're going to be having a second, person helping us today and it's going to be patrick of course so i have patrick here on.

The phone how you doing today patrick hey what's going on we got a beautiful day out here. Uh yeah you know the sun's showing the sun's showing it's a little chilly but it, is september late september at this point but as you can see we'll be. Doing part two here of the mlb playoff predictions and it's going to be fun you guys seem to really love part one so definitely want to do part two here. And then we will, be doing a part three once the playoff seeds are officially set so these are of course as of today september 21st so this is before the games on monday september 21st have been played but these are how. The seedings you know the seeds would be if the playoffs started at this moment in time if you, haven't already we did do our mlb breakdown for the week weekly recap and. I did discuss the teams that have officially clinched. Their spots in the playoffs like tampa bay new york yankees you know la dodgers of course but we're not going, to really stress that today so without further ado i'll give a quick little recap here of what's. Going to happen for the playoffs so in the first round here the wild card round of course and we're. Going to use the al as our example you'll see tampa bay and toronto play and the first round here the wild card round will be a best of three series played, in the top seeds location so again using tampa bay and. Toronto that would be a best of three series played in tampa bay now with the second round here the al again using. The al the alds al divisional series you're going to have the whoever the top seed that advances is play whoever the lowest seed that. Advances is and those games will be played in either san.

Diego or los angeles dodgers home stadium and that would be a best of five series and then in the, alcs al championship series they will be a it would be a best of seven series played in, san diego and then of course the world series is going to be a best of seven played in arlington, texas home of the texas rangers now the nl again same thing with the wild card round the nlds will be played in houston and arlington texas and, then the nlcs will be played in arlington texas and of course like i. Said the world series will be played in arlington texas so that does give the nl a slight advantage just because you know they've already played a best of seven series going in at, least one best of seven series going into the world series but maybe the texas rangers will catch, fire maybe probably not but without further ado we'll jump right in here we're going to start with the american league and, we're going to start with the top seed tampa bay rays pulling the toronto. Blue jays and i'll give my predictions real quick today you guys already saw a lot of my predictions a lot of, these series are pretty similar to what they were last. Week and i'll let patrick go right after but i'll start off here with tampa bay and toronto and this will be a good series i. Believe um tampa bay has been looking pretty good but toronto has been doing pretty well as well they just dropped a three or four series to philadelphia but it's, it's gonna be a close series tampa bay is still doing better tampa bay. Is the hotter team so i have tampa. Bay advancing and what i'm gonna do today is i'm just gonna write at least for the first couple rounds i'm just gonna do a little mark here of the, seed that i have advancing just so it's a little cleaner than me trying to cram abbreviations there but now i'll let patrick, do his decision so who do you have winning the tampa bay toronto series yo man uh to be honest i have. The blue jays one, in this series i mean i agree definitely the tampa bay rays for sure have been playing better within the past, few weeks um but obviously you know who's that one player that we all know that the blue jays. Have and that would be royal junior you know so i think with vladimir and all these other uh decent offensive amendments because they can pull it off definitely um and obviously like, you said the first series which is kind of crazy is out of three games so i predict this one would go. To a third game dude east get one a piece even though this one would be being played in toronto that was great um. Okay so yeah um yeah i, definitely think this would go to uh definitely goes to a uh a three all the way to the. Third game i think the das have a chance to pull it off because one of the reasons not only because it would be a three game series because it's a five game, uh series um i think the rays would definitely have a better chance but uh i definitely would have to say the.

The blue jays uh which would sneak by this one uh, the number eight blue jays so yeah that's my fiction there very interesting very interesting indeed so now we have the uh the two. Seat chicago white sox playing the seven seat cleveland mlb team. So for this one it's gonna be a very good matchup um i do think cleveland will take, game one of this matchup but since it's played on three consecutive days they can't exactly throw. Shane bieber out for a game three with just a one day rest period so i think chicago is going to beat up whoever cleveland puts, out there chicago should win this series because chicago's been looking pretty good yeah cleveland's been performing decently but again their best player by. Far shane bieber and he's a pitcher so you can only use them one, day i think they're going to take that series chicago over cleveland in three curious see what patrick says yes i can't. Really disagree with that one um like.

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