Baseball Playoff Predictions: 2020

Baseball Playoff Predictions: 2020

Baseball Playoff Predictions: 2020 this is the buddy show hosted by me and now my special co-host my little puppy and today we will be doing our first of three playoff predictions starting with the mlb first we start with the al at, the 8th seed and i think the 8th seed will be the boston red sox even though they did lose. Monkey bets in the trading with the.

Dodgers i still think they are going to do good and lay in that last spot in. The playoffs then we go to the seventh seed which will be the oakland a's a low market team but they've been doing good the last.

Few seasons and this time they will actually do good in the playoffs at the seven seed and then we go to the sixth seed which will be the indians the, second in the central division and then we go to the five seed which will be the angels which who, is the second in the, west division and then we go to the fourth seed which is the yankees people are going crazy right now the yankees deserve to be in a higher seed but, no they are going to be in the fourth seed they're always overrated they have too, many good players who have no chemistry at all that's why i'm putting them at the fourth seed. Then we go to the three seed which will be the the tampa bay rays put above the yankees i, know that seems crazy but i guarantee it'll happen then we go to the two seed, which is the astros stupid cheaters are gonna get back there but in one seed completely underrated the minnesota twins, everybody who knows baseball thinks i'm crazy right now but the twins together are an experienced high, level playing team who are going to win their division and place first among all al teams now we're gonna go their match up against this the, red sox red sox they lost their best player and that's why i'm going to take the twins and then we go to the, yankees versus the angels i think the angels are going to do amazing but all they really have is is mike trout you and the, yankees are so overall amazing that i'm going to take the yankees next we go to the asher's versus the a's. And sadly the, cheaters gonna lose boom a's are gonna beat the astros just to get back at the astros for cheating now we go to the razors of the indians and arrays who aren't very experienced, and young are going to lose to the experienced indians then we go, a's versus indians and although i don't like the indians going to.

The semifinals according to my bracket i do think they will then we have twins versus yankees and i think the twins will defeat the yankees and i know, that smeared but i'm telling you it is fully clear that the twins are better. Than the yankees then we go against the twins versus the indians and i believe in game. Seven the twins will make it to the world series now we go to the nl where there's a bunch of good teams we start first with the eight seed which will be the, philadelphia phillies i really, this was a tight call for them to make the playoffs but i do think bryce harper will have at least a better year than he did last year we go to the seventh seed which will. Be the padres they are a great team manny machado will do, great there they're really up and coming but i think their experience will only earn. Them the seventh scene then we go to the 16 which will be the second in the nls.

The colorado rockies and i know i ruined my bracket last year i had the astros making it.

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