2020 MLB playoff expansion – more postseason baseball is good, right?

2020 MLB playoff expansion – more postseason baseball is good, right?

2020 MLB playoff expansion – more postseason baseball is good, right? you know yeah i guess that would work let's let's stay on the major league baseball topic here and let's talk about the playoff, expansion so we we kind of briefly hit on it yesterday we wanted to make sure that it was official before we discussed it so that we would actually have the real details all that kind. Of mess right so let me go through and read off exactly what is going. On here in 2020 a total of eight teams from each league will qualify that is the three division winners the three second place teams in. Each division and the next two remaining teams with the best record there will be. No buys for top seeded teams under the new format the 2020 playoffs will open with wild card series.

Which include all 16 playoff teams the wild card series will be a best of three with the.

Higher seed hosting all three games the top seed in the american league for example will host the number eight. Seed the two will host the seven and so forth the rest of the playoff, system will remain unchanged the divisional series will be a best of five the winner of the one versus eight will play the winner of the four versus five yada yada playoffs will. Continue with a seven game league championship series in a seven game world series this is, awesome terry jumps in by the way and, said i don't like telling chris he's right it's uh it's true it is true but yes this looks like um oh in the world series the team with the best record's, gonna have home field advantage just like always so but this i i like this the more postseason, baseball you have i think it is for the better especially this year those games mean so much and they are. So much upset because we lost our one game play-off yeah yeah because that game every year both of, those games are two of the best games of, the year yeah because it's only one there's no best of series pressure every pitch every at-bat every out every play in the field every bit, of it you're just razor sharp edge and and i i just i hate that we're losing that that's all so hold on let's uh let's jump back into.

This i want to say it's terry but let me make. Sure terry said half the team's in the playoffs uh if it happens it'll be crazy it it's happening it's happening it's happening uh i told chris a uh a, crappy team gets hot at the right time they could, win it all which is nuts but awesome well here's the thing well here's the thing with. A three game playoff with with a three game playoff round oh yeah uh an 8c could, absolutely upset a one seed well but it so if it was just a one game thing then it's, even more likely than eight seed could be to one but that's but uh you wouldn't play a. One game play off against eight versus one the one game playoff for the two wild card teams trying to get into the playoffs right right right so and ben jumps in. And said uh it should always be three.

Games the one game wild card is stupid when else in baseball do you only play one game terry said yeah the. Two one game playoffs are awesome even if your team isn't in it you still you can disagree you can disagree. With it not being what baseball is about all you want you can't say it's not awesome it's the best baseball game of the year every year yeah every every year that game, both of those games are two of the best. Games of the season ben said i hate watching the a's play all those games just to get crushed in. One game that's that's why he's like that and i understand it you know your season your entire season comes the nice thing is if you can ever win that one game, you're in yeah yeah you don't have to win a series you know that other team can't beat you.

With their wallet, you just got to go out there and win one game terry said ben you're nuts the one game wild card is awesome it is it's it's the business that happened in sports it was the best change.

In all of sports i like everything about this if i, never knew what the one game playoff was like i would love this but i know what it's like i've had it and now. I'm i'm having it taken away from me i would be okay with. Adding two more teams and just letting the eight and the nine seed play the one game thing to get me satisfied and i don't care that, we got 18 teams in the playoffs yeah yeah uh michael, said i would take one more rocky's game punchers chance yeah i think a lot of people would.

When your team is in that it's unbelievable the pressure is just ridiculous terry said i won an a's cubs world series with the. Cubs winning in seven that would definitely be nuts uh hey do you want to go and give out your. Uh your picks for the season i can i can't uh i got a world series um astros. And mets and i got the mets beating the stros which i was incredibly shocked to see you pick the mets like i just and not not just. To win but to even make it to the world. Series i now obviously with the playoff shift i could see them getting into the playoffs i mean they got great pitching so long as everybody stays healthy but you know that. That is not a typical pig you know your philosophy on picking chalk is well known, well well known um you know i but that's not just this the the, mets listen what the nationals do last year the nationals weren't the best team from top to bottom it wasn't even close they had great starting pitching and they got timely hitting yeah, yeah and they got nobody's gonna argue that degrom can't be absolutely elite. Through 60 games he's gonna get 12 starts there's a really good chance that, he'd go 10-2 okay so that's that's a sixth of the wins right there if strowman when strowman gets healthy not if and strowman's back the rest of that pitching staff is back they're gonna, be great okay i mean i can understand it i can understand it uh, damian said baseball games are fun the only problem, i have with baseball is it takes too damn long and i hate the video reviews crap understandable but you know we got team sports back i'm good, with baseball i enjoy a good baseball game over the summer uh ben said the astros will, get hit in head so much they'll just get hit by pitches.

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